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The Click Funnel Experience

The Click Funnel Experience

In the world of marketing & advertising, there are a variety of avenues that we can take to drive traffic, and increase conversions. Some examples include Print, Digital, OOH, but for this example, we will look at digital conversions and Click Funnels. When it comes to driving traffic and increasing conversions on your site, it is important to utilize both paid and organic means to increase your overall site exposure & boost sales. In this article, we will discuss an organic tactic that can help increase & drive up sales by providing your users with a variety of purchasing options along their journey: A Click Funnel.

Click Funnels & Landing Pages

Click funnels and & landing pages share many similarities in the sense that they are built with a similar goal in mind but also that these pages serve as the primary landing point for any individual that clicks a link from Google, Bing, Yahoo, that leads them to your site. While the main goal of these pages is to provide a conversion of some sort, this is where the similarities end.

Landing Pages

A landing page is designed to collect information immediately after a user clicks on your link, whether your goal is to collect emails for a newsletter, build out a client list, or to drive a direct sale, a landing page is an ideal route to take. Landing pages are built for simplicity because the end game truly is simple, conversions. This can be tricky as not every individual will be ready to make a purchase on the spot, especially if the cost of the item is high. Most landing pages will include one main Call to Action as well a brief snippet of information to give users a better idea of what is currently being offered. Once a user reaches a turning page, this is the end of the line, they either have the option to convert, or leave your page entirely.

Click Funnels

A click funnel functions similarly to a landing page as this is the first initial page that a user will land on when clicking a link through to your site (whether it is a paid link or organic link), however, the main difference between landing pages and click funnels is that this page is only the beginning! A click funnel is purely designed to convert a user, but this approach is used to offer, or upsell a consumer on additional products & services.

An example of a click funnel would be if you were to purchase clothing on a website like Primark, or Best Buy; upon checkout, you might see text at the bottom saying something along the line of “You might like this” or  “Other users who bought this also bought…” This is a click funnel!

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