The Best Ways to Get Google To Trust Your Website

There is no sugarcoating it: Google favors websites it trusts. Google wants to display the best results, so websites that Google trusts the most within search engine queries have the best chance to rank high on certain search results pages. Google trusting a website is not an overnight process but rather built up over time. Here are 5 things website owners can do to build a strong relationship with Google.

1. Consistent Website Activity

One way to earn Google’s trust is to add content to your website consistently. Content such as monthly blogs shows Google your website is active and committed.

2. Website Protection

One of the last things Google wants to do is direct users to a shaky website prone to hackers. One of the best ways to keep your website secure is with an active SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate will encrypt data on a website and make it difficult for hackers to steal information. The security of a website should never be taken lightly because Google values secure sites.

3. Having an About Us Page

Putting together an “About Us” page for your website is a great way for users to get familiar with your business. It is also a great way to allow Google to index and understand your website.

4. Find the Perfect Keywords

Keywords are important for website ranking and SEO campaigns, but they can also lead to getting Google to trust your website more. Finding the perfect keywords for your brand can help your website stand out even more and generate more traffic. One way to find the right keywords for your website is using a tool like Google Search Console.

5. Avoid Duplicating Content

Duplicating Content may be a convenient way to fill out space on your website, but it does not produce great results. Duplicate content can end up confusing Google, and if that happens, your website’s rankings can be affected. To avoid duplicate content, always write content originally and uniquely. There are also a handful of tools available to help monitor duplicate content.

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