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The Benefits of Utilizing Schema Markup

There are a variety of methods to take when it comes to expanding your websites organic reach, and while it may take time for organic growth to get momentum, this blog will cover one optimization that can expedite the process, Schema! Schema markup is a set of code that contains important information about your website in HTML format. While this information is not always visible to the user, it helps search engines to better understand your page and show that information in relevant search queries which can result in more site visits. If you are just starting out a website, view our blog on optimizing your page titles and descriptions!

Benefits of Schema Markup:


By including schema on your site can help search engine bots understand the content of your website faster. If the information is relevant to your business and serves reliable information, Search Engines will push your website higher in ranking, thus increasing your SERPS However, it is important to note that while schema is incredibly beneficial, the information on the page needs to be accurate for it to really provide growth and an increase in traffic.

User Accessibility

Schema markup is essentially to make your page more attractive for a user to click. It makes your site stand out above others in some sort of way. It may give the user more information, or some sort of call to action that will generate a click to your site.

How Schema Markup can be Used:

Schema Markup allows businesses to clarify all of their business details. For example, location, how to contact them, business hours, business type and what they sell, payment types accepted, social media accounts, blogs, founders, etc. Schema can be used to promote events directly in the search engines. You can have your business pop up in the SERPS with information about the event, venue, performer, dates, and tickets. You can provide in-depth information on products regarding prices, product availability, ratings, reviews, and more. Schema markups on products can help to provide a significant increase in traffic and click-through-rates. As an added bonus, full FAQ pages can be created as FAQ schema on a page full of frequently asked questions, which  if Google considers it to be important and useful information, can populate straight onto the search results without users having the click directly into your site for the information. This can result in users not only finding information faster but can also lead to more conversions and website traffic.

Curious if your site currently has schema enabled? Test it Here!

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