The Benefits of Using Live Video on Social Media

Using Live Video for Your Business

The popularity of live video has continued to grow over the last couple of years since its introduction. As its popularity grows, businesses have begun using video as a tool to attract more attention to their products and services. Continue reading to find out more about how users are interacting with this relatively new feature.

Live Video is Growing

Though live video does not have a considerably high number of users, it has continued to grow and increase in popularity since its debut. This upward mobility is important to recognize as a notable trend and argues that live video is something to keep an eye on for both business owners and digital marketers alike.

High Interaction

Facebook users are six times more likely to interact with live videos compared to other Facebook videos. Of all users who used live videos in Buffer’s most recent study, 60% said they found live videos to be effective while only 10% found them to be ineffective. This is a strong argument to at least giving live video a try.

How Often Should You Use Live Video?

If you are thinking about testing out live videos for your business account, one question to consider is how often you should make a live video. For many, less frequent posting has proven to be more effective and welcome more interaction. Quality should be prioritized over quantity in this case.

Your Social Media Strategy

If you’re considering trying live videos for your business, use them as an extension of your social media strategy. Explore topics that have given you success in the past and that you think will welcome interaction and feedback from your followers.

Managing Your Social Media

If you need help managing your social media presence, Boston Web Marketing has you covered. We offer social media management services and work with each of our clients to build a social media strategy that works for you. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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