The Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media is extremely beneficial to small businesses. However, many small businesses still have not created profiles on any social platform. It’s likely that these businesses don’t realize how social media can benefit them or they simply don’t understand how to use social media. 

According to a study Hootsuite conducted, more people follow brands on social media than celebrities. On Instagram alone, 80% of people follow at least one business.

Nowadays, with everything going on in our world, people are extremely interested in supporting small businesses. Most people find small businesses to support via social media, so if you want your brand to grow, social media is a must. Here are some major benefits social media can bring to your small business. 

Reduces Marketing Costs

Social media platforms are free to use making them a cost-effective way to promote goods and services that your business offers. If you do have money to spend on marketing, even if it’s a very small budget, many of the platforms allow ads to be run at a low-cost to reach even more people.

Impacts Organic Search Results

Creating quality and engaging content is important for search engine optimization. By properly optimizing your social media and sharing your content to these platforms, you can reach more people and begin to rank higher on search result pages. This will organically bring more people to your website which will then lead to an increase in conversions. 

Helps Improve Customer Service

Have you ever contacted a business’s customer service to never hear from them again? Many large organizations (think airlines, hotels, etc.) have begun to use social media as a customer service platform to connect with customers in a timely, easy-going manner. You can easily incorporate customer service into your current accounts or by setting up a separate customer service account so everything is organized.

Engagement with Other Businesses

Since so many businesses take advantage of social media, it’s easy to engage with them and create relationships with them. These relationships might not be possible without social media. Creating relationships with other businesses is a great way to get their audience to notice your brand and vice versa. You could work together to do a giveaway, share each other’s content, and much more! 

Customer Validation

Before a customer hires a business to do work for them, they typically do some research whether that includes asking for references, searching for previous customer reviews, or checking out prior projects. They also almost always visit social media profiles to see if you are producing quality content and to simply learn more about you. If you don’t have any social profiles for them to look at, they might feel as though you are not a legitimate business. By taking just a few minutes to set up these profiles and then regularly posting to them, you are immediately giving your customers and potential customers validation that you are legitimate and care about what you do.

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