The Benefits of Screaming Frog For A Quick Website Crawl

Screaming Frog is an amazing tool for SEO specialists looking to dive deeper into their websites. It offers a spider web tool that allows you to do an in-depth analysis and exploration of your website and a quick scan so you can get a good amount of information on how to improve your website or discover what may be missing. Screaming Frog is an essential tool for website and SEO gurus looking for missed opportunities that may be setting their website back on search engines. Learn more below about Screaming Frog’s SEO spider tool and how to optimize your website further! 

Finds Missing Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Screaming Frog lists each URL and its corresponding page title and meta description. Not only will it show if any pages have missing page titles or meta descriptions, but it will also alert you of any that may have duplicate content for the metadata. Duplicate metadata, missing metadata, and even improperly set up metadata have a negative impact on your SEO, so if you are able to scan all the pages using Screaming Frog quickly, you can save a significant amount of time when compared to checking each page on your own. Metadata with the right number of characters (60 for page title and 160 for meta description), filled with relevant keywords, easy for both users and search engines, will help boost your SEO strategy. Screaming Frog makes it easy for SEO professionals to gather that information quickly and in a pinch!

Shows Page Errors and Broken Links

Page errors are not always easily found by SEO professionals. With the help of Screaming Frog, you can clearly see a list of all the pages with an error in front of your eyes. The screaming Frog spider tool splits the errors into pages with server errors, 404 errors, and other broken links or website errors that may occur without your knowledge. Websites with broken links not only hurt your SEO strategy and ranking on search engines but also make it inconvenient for users on your website and affect user experience. Being able to sort and catch these page errors early on will improve your website experience for all!

Compares Duplicate Content

Using Screaming Frog to show you any duplicate content on the website is another significant benefit of using it for your website crawl. Not everyone has time for an in-depth site audit and scanning every nitty gritty part of your website. You can compare the flagged pages as duplicate content with a quick and basic Screaming Frog crawl. This tool will highlight the URLS that appear to have duplicate content and compare their differences side by side so you can be aware of what content is on each page. Similar to the metadata, duplicate content will also negatively impact your SEO, so catching these mistakes early on will be beneficial. 

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