The Benefits Of Implementing FAQ Schema

What Is FAQ Schema?

You may have never heard of “FAQ schema” before, but if you have ever submitted a question on Google, you have probably seen it. FAQ schema is considered the section on a search engine result page with multiple questions and drop-down answers usually in the middle of the page. FAQ schema has now been around for over a decade now and is an underutilized tool in the digital marketing world.

How Does FAQ Schema Work?

If you have wondered how FAQ schema works, you are not alone. FAQ Schema works by website owners putting a code at the backend of one of the webpages of their website informing Google that certain content is presented in a question and answer format. There is no guarantee that a websites certain FAQ content will show up on a search engine result page. With that said, if your website is lucky enough to be chosen for the FAQ schema section, it will provide another avenue to garner website traffic.

The Benefits Of Using FAQ Schema

1. Your website can see improved click-through rates

Any website owner would love to see improved click-through rates and FAQ schema can provide that. FAQ schemas take up a good portion of a search engine result page and it does not take rocket science to understand how FAQ schema results can lead to more clicks.

2. Typical Means Higher Quality Leads

There are leads that convert into business and some that do not convert into anything. FAQ schema leads are more likely to convert because it indicates a user is trying to specifically find an answer or solution to something.

3. Your Answers Can Be Read By Amazon Alexa or Google Siri

Did you know that Amazon Alexa and Google Siri virtual assistant speakers derive a handful of their answers straight from FAQ schemas? Fascinating isn’t it? The next time someone asks a virtual assistant speaker a question, your written work can be spoken into existence!

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