The Benefits of Auditing Your Website

No matter the industry every business needs a high-quality website. With so many websites constantly being made it is important to always keep yours up to date. Performing a website audit might be just what you need to help discover flaws in your website. By auditing your website you can implement new designs and further improve your customer experience.


Learn From The Competition

Auditing can also be done off of your website. By taking the time to audit the websites of some of your largest competitors you can gain valuable insight on what’s been working for them. If you notice a particular design or promotion that seems to be driving traffic, then you can put your own twist and develop something similar. You should never copy someone’s exact content or design but, you can look at your competitors for inspiration. Auditing a competing website can also guide you on what elements not to add to your website. If you notice your competitor has elements on their site that are doing more harm than good. It helps you to avoid adding those same mistakes on your own website in the future.


Auditing For Website Performance

Auditing your website truly uncovers all areas that may be flawed or in need of adjusting. You can uncover pages that may have broken coding, unnecessary coding, low-quality images, and much more.  By fixing these errors you help increase the performance of your overall website and the page experience for your customers. When search engines see an increase in website performance they will begin to show your site to more users. Website performance is vastly overlooked and typically owners focus too much on the web page design. The design of your website is very important for customer retention however the design means nothing if your website performs slowly.  More potential clients will also discover your website if you maintain great performance year-round.


Audit To Increase Conversion Rate

When you audit your website you find all kinds of information. A valuable piece of information to uncover is your high-traffic landing pages. You are able to see which webpage is gaining the most attention and why that may be. Once you know which webpage gains the most views you can then remodel those pages to increase conversions. For example, if you have a service page that you see is doing well, the best course of action is to add a call to action of some sort. By adding a call to action on your best-performing pages you increase the likelihood of obtaining a conversion.  To make sure your website is always running smoothly contact Boston Web Marketing today! Their experienced team of SEO Specialists can help take your website to new levels.

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