The Benefits of AMP Technology

AMP or accelerated mobile pages are some of the most talked about newcomers, in regard to search engines. Seemingly, Google wants to remain focused on these kinds of pages, as they are amazing for user experience, but how will they begin to improve this? By adding a heavier focus on these kinds of pages. This means that one of the things you should be focusing on is optimizing your pages so that they are AMP and can be ranked as so.

Why is Google Heading in this Direction?


What is AMP

AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, is essentially a barren version of your original page. While they may have the same color scheme and look similar, they are built as a bare-bones version of the page, so that loading is simple and fast, even for rich content. This being said, it makes sharing very simple and easily accessible.

The Benefits of AMP Technology


Load Speed

By implementing AMP technology to the pages across your site, you will see that the load time will decrease to almost nothing. Instead of waiting for the circle to switch direction, in reference to the Google Chrome Browser loading method, you will be able to load the page almost instantaneously. This allows users to load pages quickly and will make them more likely to go to your site, as they will not get frustrated and click out.

Mobile Ranking

By having your pages as AMP as well, you will see a vast change in the amount of traffic you are getting from mobile. From mobile, you will see an increased ranking, due to Google’s like for these quick loading pages and therefore more traffic.

Server Performance

Due to the increased speeds, you will find that your servers will be much less clogged and then, you will be able to safely manage lots and lots of traffic, without your site going down.

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