The Benefits of Adding a Live Chat Feature on Your Website

We are living in an era where digital communication and transactions have become commonplace, and as society continues to shift, people have grown more inclined to text over calling. While calling a store is fairly straightforward, there are now a variety of ways a customer can contact a business owner, so it is important to be versatile. As the digital marketplace grows, it is important that customer service remains a high priority! This is where live chat comes into play. As a result of these innovations, customer support cannot rely solely on phone calls and emails as their sole source of customer management. Live chats can play a beneficial role in customer engagement and increasing your access to the client, directly through your website!

A live chat feature can provide several benefits to your business’s website. It allows you to interact directly with potential customers and clear up any misconceptions they may have about your products or services.

If you have been thinking about investing in live chat support, here are a few reasons on the value of communicating with your clients in real-time!

Real-Time Conversations

The open line of communication can help boost your conversions, engagement between purchases, scheduling appointments, and filling out contact forms. If you are operating a business that specializes in services or products, you may be able to answer questions related to pricing, the process regarding a service, how long said service is expected to take and the anticipated result.

Real-time conversations allow you to speak with a potential client directly, and maybe even allow a customer service representative to make a conversion on the spot! With that said there are a variety of ways to implement a live chat feature, however, here are the two most common.


A chatbot can carry on conversations with potential clients, without human assistance. This is beneficial if you have a larger company with a large volume of live chat requests as a chatbot can handle simple features such as providing information on products, services, but can also redirect clients to contact forms, contact pages, or even a live representative if need be.

Live Representative

A live representative is an ideal route to take as it connects a real person to a potential client. By simply being able to interact with an individual via a live chat feature on your site. A live representative can interact with a client via desktop, or on an app for any cellular device, making it easily accessible for a variety of industries.

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Live Chat Customization

After you set up the live chat feature, you can customize its appearance and functionality to best meet your goals. With most options, you will be able to edit the font and colors to match your current theme and aesthetic, giving your live chat a true branded feel on your website.

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