The Basics of Links for SEO

Basic Types of Links

Links and brand names are among the top reasons why people will visit your website. There are a couple of types of links you can use on your website that boosts your SEO. External links are from other websites that connect to yours. Internal links are links that move within your site. Both of these types of links will help your organics in the SERPs (Serch engine results page).

Good Links vs Bad Links

All backlinks are ranked by Google; reliable links from credited websites hold more value than links from spam & unreliable websites. Some examples include:

  • Unnamed user profile
  • guest posts
  • Unmoderated comments
  • Link farming

Google will give penalties for all of these attempts at getting fake links. This is to prevent people from boosting their SEO. Google now believes in quality over quantity in links.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

If your website has original, reliable material, you are raising your chances of getting referenced by other websites. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds. Your website must have a strong influence on your audience and must have constant content. Once your website has a decent audience, you can then start different strategies on how to get good quality backlinks.


In conclusion, the links you have on your website must follow the rules of Google in order to boost your SEO. If you do not follow the rules, you run the risk of lowering your SEO ranking. There are many different types of links but this article has gone over just the basics that every website should implement to start boosting their SEO.





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