The Apple Watch and SEO

Recently, Apple released its 6th generation Iphone to the public along with its newest gadget, the Apple Watch. Predicted to release sometime in early 2015, the Apple Smartwatch could mean a drastic revamp in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

Smartwatches are nothing new to the marketplace, with companies such as Fossil and most recently Samsung having products currently available to purchase. These products never really caught the eye of the consumer but have generated significant interest especially through word-of-mouth buzz. This buzz however has translated into weak sales numbers and reviews.

In terms of an SEO standpoint, it seems as the Apple Watch has a chance to surpass the competition with both its user ability and built-in features. In particular, the watch has a new mapping feature that provides a hands free direction system using a combination of sounds and directional symbols. The buzz for this new feature has been overwhelming, but time will tell how practical and functional this feature will actually be.

Siri and Bing

With the Apple Watch having such a small screen, users may have to turn to the voice recognition software Siri to speak their queries rather than type them. Currently, Siri uses the search engine Bing to gather information. Though Google is by far the world’s largest search engine, search marketers may have to adjust their strategies to focus on Bing Local results. The release of the Apple Watch may also have an enormous boost in popularity for Bing.

Apple Maps

From the Iphone to the Apple Watch, both come equipped with Apple Maps by default. Search marketers will have to ensure that their businesses are correctly displayed on Apple Maps as well.

“Super Local Searches”

Currently, Google can detect your location when you search for “Shoe Stores,” giving you a list of shoe stores near you. With the rise of smartwatches, many speculate a new form of searching using GPS location information, known simply as “Super Local” searches. These searches will be able to pinpoint results for the specific street or city block you are located at versus a general mapping of businesses in your area.

The only way to see how drastically the Apple Watch will affect SEO is to wait and see. Keep a watchful eye out for more details as we approach its release date in early 2015.


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