The Anatomy of a Killer Instagram Ad

Similar to advertisements on other social platforms, creativity goes a long way. Combining engaging posts with targeting, budget, and strategy will get any business a winning Instagram ad. Boston Web Marketing can provide strategies to help create Instagram ads your audience will love. Learn more about how we can help you with your business’s social media optimization

User-Generated Content

Customers love seeing their photos and videos used by brands. UGC is one of the easiest ways to showcase your products by people actually using them. UGC needs to showcase the qualities of the product to help generate rapport among the audience. Using UGC, businesses can create a sense of place for their customers and allow them to see the product in their own eyes, as they would use them. 

Choose the Correct Targeting

In order to target the audience that will actually purchase your product, it’s essential to understand the basics of their demographic. Knowing your target audience’s age, location, language, and interests is just as important as the creative imagery. Targeting the wrong audience, the audience that is not interested in your product is not only a waste of the ad, but it is a waste of money and resources. 

Utilize Great Photography and Context

In some cases, an image with excellent copy can sell itself. Oftentimes, however, it takes more than just a great image to sell your product. By adding context to the text or the image helps to provide an image within the customer’s mind. They can visualize themselves experiencing the product and will know there where and when to use it. Be sure to make each product shoppable within the ad for the ease and convenience of the customer. 

Use Motion

Incorporating videos and gifs are a good way to stop the scroll through Instagram and get your audience to view your ad. Videos are not for every product, however, and must only be used when applicable. Consider whether a video will showcase more product features or whether it is easier to see in motion. 

Social Identity Theory

The theory of social identity helps to prove how your business and product are different from then competitors. It helps to build a connection around what your brand is or is not. Using images to showcase “us vs. them” are more effective, as the audience is not likely to read the description to determine the difference. It helps to differentiate why they should choose your product over the competition. 

Create Compelling Instagram Ads with Boston Web Marketing

The experts at Boston Web Marketing can help your business develop and achieve all social media marketing goals. From Facebook ad management to SEO, we can help bring your business to the next level. Let us know how we can help you today.

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