What is an Alternative to Pay-Per-Click?

Everyone notices the tinted box at the top of your search results page, providing almost exactly what you typed into your search field and handed to you on a silver platter. Most people, never click the Google sponsored ads provided. By this day and age, most people know it’s an advertisement will have the opposite effect and actually drive users away. Most users will navigate down the page to the three or four top organic listings below.

What Should I do?

If you click on the Google sponsored ads, you might find what you were looking for and provide that business with a new customer or you could click into the site and find that this is not what you want and leave immediately. Either way, those first clicks into a website cost that business any amount of money from 60 cents to $3, for one click.

How Adwords works

The AdWords program provided by Google is ideal for small businesses just beginning their advertising and who want to get found quick but do not have a full functioning marketing department.  However, how long do businesses pay for people to click? A recent New York Times article entitled, Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click, by Darren Dahl, describes one small businesses’ experience with AdWords that at first was unbelievably rewarding, but soon became a large unwanted expense. Dahl goes into specific detail surrounding the actual costs of pay-per-click and how fast it was becoming an unwanted expense due to competition in the specific market they targeted.

Importance of Organics

Businesses no longer wanted to pay-per-click when studies supported the fact that people went to the organic search results first.  This created the opportunity for companies specializing in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to grow. Dahl states, “The increased demand for unpaid, or organic, search results have given rise to an entire industry specializing in search engine optimization, or S.E.O., with countless professed experts who promise to improve a Web site’s search ranking.” If you focus on organics and optimizing for keywords you can rank to the top of the results page. As long as your website is showing up under the paid ads you can have a chance of increasing the same amount of traffic!

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