The 6 Main Components of Mobile SEO

Seeking mobile visibility in search results? Take a look below at some of the major tasks you should be completing to boost your mobile rankings.

  1. Stay focused on core rankings
  2. Adjust your mobile-friendly errors
  3. Keyword research
  4. App store optimization
  5. App indexing
  6. Utilize Accelerated Mobile Pages

Core Rankings

If you notice that your website isn’t ranking, you’ll never gain mobile traffic through keyword research and content creation. You must focus on both relevance and authority. Additionally, it’s best to increase page speed on both your mobile and desktop site.

Mobile-Friendly Errors

Keep in mind that there is no major difference between responsive websites and mobile-friendly websites. Regardless of the configuration, mobile-friendly errors can decrease organic results. Increase the page speed using Google’s Page Speed Insight’s Tool. Page speed is not only critical for mobile sites, but it is a ranking factor for desktop sites as well.

Content Creation

Pay close attention to queries that users use more on mobile search. Make sure to implement these terms into your content. It’s crucial to pay close attention to mobile searches since over half of Google’s US search traffic comes from mobile devices. Take a look at Search Console and select Console>Compare Devices in Search Analytics. This will allow you to compare mobile vs desktop clicks.

 APP Store

Get help with app indexing by exploring the App Store Optimization. This ensures your app content is keyword-rich and appears in search results. You can also focus on the terms users implement when searching for your app.

Index Your  App

While indexing your app is a relatively new tactic, it’s still important to fix crawl errors and ensure your pages are being indexed. Try to improve ranking, traffic and downloads to your app.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

A business is more likely to increase traffic to their site when the AMP pages are visible. Google is actually giving more visibility to these pages and giving them a ranking boost.


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