Technical SEO Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Website

Fighting for your place to stay above your competitors this year can be challenging – with everything that is going on and the continuous updates just how do you keep up maintaining a healthy site performance in the SEO world? Fortunately, we’ve got a firm grasp of the most common mistakes we often see marketers and businessman are doing wrong to their sites that is affecting them more than they think. Here are technical SEO issues you should be avoiding or fixing.

Meta Tags That Are Underperforming Based on These Issues

Optimizing page titles and meta descriptions are one of the most important SEO aspects of getting found. It’s an opportunity to include your researched keywords in the header tags and alt tags. Avoid any duplicate meta tags or missing h1 tags as search engines will find it difficult to understand the relevance and topic of the content. 

Speaking of content you should by now understand that duplicate content raises a red flag and even the same URL. If both are needed you will need to add a rel=”canonical” tag to avoid being penalized. 

Ignoring Internal or External Link Optimization

Links are what guide your visitors through a customer journey of your website. It reflects on your search performance as search engines will not rank sites with poor user experience. Using Site Audit Tools can help you identify any issues like broken internal, external, or 301s redirecting to an HTTP page on an HTTPS site that needs fixing right away. 

Common Issues Found by Website Crawlers

Ensuring your site is crawlable for search engines helps create a health performance to the site, however, we have seen countless times simple mistakes that make things difficult for crawlers to understand such as leaving Nofollow attributes checked off or no sitemap on the site. These crawling issues are fixable and will allow Google to identify what pages are on the site and index the pages.

Forgetting Your Website Performance

Page load time is one of the top issues found that makes a huge impact on your SEO performance. A slow page time means visitors are least likely to engage with your content and most likely to leave and click on a competitor’s website which can affect your rankings. 

If you are unsure where to identify issues on your website, get in touch with the sales team over at Boston Web Marketing, where we walk you through the website problems that you are currently facing and show you how we would approach tackling these issues and get you back to where you belong. Let’s get started today call 857-526-0096 for a free consultation. 

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