Taking Advantage of AdWords Extra Headline

Last week, we learned that Google would be expanding text ads ,for AdWords, to two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line and two 15-character path fields that can be customized.  Compared to the current ads, that’s an additional 45 characters and URL path field that you’re gaining. While we’re not exactly sure how big of a benefit this will end up being, we should still be prepared for our campaigns.

  1. Now that you have an additional headline to use, you’ll want to re-evaluate your current ad. While your current ad text might be more instructive, now is the time to get creative!
  2. Since your headlines are the clickable area on your ads and you now have double the characters, you’ll want to make this text even more enticing. These headlines have the most potential to affect the performance of your ad.
  3. When creating the message, focus on the information that is useful to the user’s needs and benefits. While calls to action can work sometimes, you want the ad to have something that can make their lives better. Sales and discounts are a great example of what to use in an ad.
  4. Since you’re working with a new format, you’re going to learn new ways to improve the performance of the ad. As you learn, make sure to arrange your testing in order of importance. What parts of your account drive the most value for you? Are there any ad groups that would benefit from your new ideas?
  5. While your ads will have additional room, you should still be using ad extensions when it makes sense. These user-friendly features tend to increase the amount of clicks your ad will receive.

These ads are being reconstructed to improve effectiveness for all devices that users might be working. This gives businesses the chance to make their ads more meaningful and really take advantage of all that AdWords offers.

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