Take Advantage of These Features on the New AdWords

Though we can all be hesitant for any new updates on our devices and software programs, there are some major advantages to the new AdWords interface. Read more about the biggest changes below.

  1. Promotion Extensions- This feature allows you to show a specific offer in an advertisement. The offer will stand out and likely get more attention than similar ads without this feature. This feature is available immediately.

  3. Household Income Targeting- You are now able to target specific household income levels with the new AdWords. This feature is useful for companies whose service or product is expensive, avoiding users from a lower income who will be less likely to be interested in the ad. You can begin taking advantage of this feature today.

  5. Audiences Page- The new AdWords now offers an entire page to manage your audience targeting. This page shows you all the data you need about picking the audience for your ads and it is available now.

  7. Custom In-Market Audiences- Unlike the previous version, you will now be able to advertise specifically to in-market audiences with the new AdWords. This is expected be completely rolled out by the end of the year.

  9. Retail Sales Uploads- Through a third party, retailers will now be able to upload store transactions into AdWords for those that sign up for email newsletters at the time of purchase.


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