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An illustration of a laptop playing a video advertisement. Gold coins are sprouting from the computer and piling into a green money bag on the right, representing ad revenue.

What Is Google Ads Creative Studio?

Getting the proper SEO strategy for fueling conversions to your business can take a wide variety of forms. There are plenty of moving parts that all play a significant role in getting the leads you need! Google Ads is a platform that has long been established but, like their search algorithms, is constantly evolving to […]

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An illustration of a man's hand tapping onto a touchpad screen. On the screen you can see an article with a big red ad next to it, which is what the person is tapping.

What You Need To Know About The New Google Ads Changes

The Google algorithms aren’t the only ones undergoing constant change! Google Ads also undergoes performance improvements to help both advertisers and consumers. Google Marketing Live kicked off yesterday, which is the annual event Google hosts to promote new improvements to their algorithms. The focus of the presentation was largely on Ads, and there are a

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