Syncing Google Ads with a Google My Business Account

To gain more leads for any type of business online one must consider the management of a Google My Business page. Google My Business is a feature that appears when users enter a Branded query, and a snapshot of the business appears to the right of the Search Results page or within Google maps. (Bonus points if your business appears without a branded keyword!). This feature allows users to directly call a business, click a link to the site, view the location, and much more. In addition to these features, you can sync Google My Business with your websites Ad words account.

Why Link Google My Business & Google Ads

Linking your free Google My Business listing with your Google Ad words account allows you to add location extensions to your ads. This enhances your ad with the addition of a map and can provide users the exact distance they are from your location. Depending on the industry, this can have major implications. This type of feature can help business of all sizes capitalize on the Ads budget they are currently spending. When thinking from the perspective of a user, a feature such as this can easily be the deciding factor between you and a competitor.

How to sync Google Ads and Google My Business

If your Google my Business page is already set up, start by going into your Google Ad’s account and on the left side column, you will see a tab labeled “Ads & Extensions”. If you don’t have a Google My Business page, check out our blog on creating a high-powered listing here!

After selecting the Ad’s & Extensions on the left side of the page, you will see an “extensions” tab at the top of the screen. Click that button followed by the blue + button that appears the top right and then click “location Extension”

This brings you to a page that requires you to choose “Find an account” or “Link to an Account I know”. Choosing “Link to An account I know” select the listing you manage as it pertains to the business. After confirming the information is correct, your location is now eligible to be added into your Google Ads!

Now that your accounts are linked, there are several features and account filters you can add to enhance your ad or better understand the metrics behind how these are performing. If your business has more than one location, setting up filters is critical to understand the data generated from the Ads.

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If you have questions regarding your Google My Business account, your Google Ads account, or how to sync them properly to enhance your ads, call the pros at Boston Web Marketing today!

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