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Succeeding with Google Posts

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a new feature tailored to help with local SEO called Google Posts, allowing businesses and artists to publish products, events and services directly into their Knowledge Graphs in search results and on Maps. This feature is still new, but there are already some tips and best practices to follow when utilizing the feature.
Google Posts aren’t integrated naturally into Google Analytics, so tracking click activity with specific UTM codes is imperative. Using a custom URL as the call-to-action will allow you to view insights outside of what is already being recorded through Google My Business, such as their behavior throughout your website and a more accurate conversion rate. Post URLs are not indexed by Google. The first 100 characters will show up in the Knowledge Graph, so make sure you use those characters wisely by featuring promotions or the most important selling information. You should use centrally-focused images when possible, being sure to leave plenty of room around the edges to avoid your 750×750 image being cropped. Image files are the only media currently supported by posts, so videos and GIFS will not show up on your Post.
Posts only have a lifespan of seven days, or until the event is over. They appear in reverse chronological order, so older posts will be pushed further clicks away from the first appearance on SERPS.  There is no way to change the order and only the first three are shown without scrolling, so if you have a promotion happening right now, your Post about it should be the last you create if you want that to be the first thing potential customers see.
Google Posts is in its first iteration, and isn’t available for use in hotel listings yet. This feature has the potential to be a game changer for local SEO as people look for events and deals occurring near their location, and taking up more space on the first SERP will make the business more prominent to users.

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