Study Reveals UGC As Driving Factor For Online Purchasing Behavior

It’s already well-established that reviews play a large role when it comes to influencing purchasing behavior online. A new study by Ipsos involving over 1,000 US consumers revealed that 90% of their respondents said user generated content (UGC) influenced their purchasing decision. When we think about UGC, our minds often go to online ratings and reviews. However, these are just one part of the world of UGC.

Other types of content generated by users — aside from reviews and ratings — include photos uploaded to third party sites such as Yelp and Google Business; videos taken and uploaded to social media, YouTube or posted to Snapchat or Vimeo; as well as social media posts, and online Q&A participation.

One of the most interesting findings from the study was that consumers tend to pay more for a product or service after reading online reviews and looking at ratings as opposed to buying a product of less cost but with no reviews. This finding is in agreement with the notion that word of mouth from peers is more influential on purchasing behavior than other tactics.

So how do you get reviews and ratings? First off, it’s important to optimize your website for users to easily leave a review about your product or service. Having a page “Reviews” or “Testimonials” showcasing past reviews as well as a link to third party review sites is your best bet to both increasing online conversions and collecting more reviews. Next, be sure to continually add your business to third party listing sites that have a review section in order to increase your chances of getting reviews across the web. Finally, don’t forget to reach out to previous customers and ask for their feedback.

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