Study Finds Yelp Leads to More Conversions Than Competitors

A recent study from Nielsen found that Yelp has higher conversion rates than competitors Facebook and even Google. While consumers certainly use search and social media sources to research a business, the study found that Yelp is more effective when it comes to getting more business rather than just impressions and website traffic. This will not come as a shock to most of the industry, as it is well-known that reviews and ratings are extremely influential in consumers’ decisions whether to choose a business or not but the details of the path to purchase are what make this study’s findings significant.


Of the participating consumers, 92% said they make a purchase after viewing a business’ reviews on Yelp “at least sometimes, frequently, or almost always.” These consumers also admitted they tend to make purchases soon after their visit to Yelp, with 42% of respondents making the purchase within a day of reading reviews and 79% within one week. These numbers have increased since the last time Nielsen performed this study in 2014, signifying Yelp’s relevance is continuing to increase. About 74% of consumers involved in the study admitted they turn to sites like Yelp to read reviews on a monthly basis and Yelp was pointed to as the most significant of listing sites.


Knowing how crucial having local listing profiles is to your business’ success, you should prioritize creating and maintaining profiles on Yelp, Google My Business, and others. While you cannot control the reviews users write about your business, you can encourage happy customers to contribute to future success but taking a few minutes to write about their experience. At Boston Web Marketing, we create and manage business profiles on countless listing sites, helping our clients to receive future business through their past successes in addition to a range of other services. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business!

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