Struggling with Content? Try these Brainstorming Methods!

Some days, the creative train isn’t running as optimally as it could be. Other days, the train is completely off the tracks and tumbling into oblivion. What we’re getting at here is that content can be hard to write sometimes. When it comes to crafting stellar material for your brand’s marketing campaign, you want to create something that other folks want to share and engage with. It’s certainly no easy feat and it can take a few go-arounds to polish the content perfectly but coming up with solid ideas is half the battle, especially when people go about brainstorming all wrong. The point of brainstorming is to get inspired and use that enthusiasm to develop superb content. Not quite sure how to get there? Let’s go over a few suggestions, shall we?

See What’s Working for Different Industries

While it’s important to know what your competitors are up to, narrowly focusing on what they’re doing can be a detriment to your overall creative process. One way you can boost inspiration is to take a look at what people are doing in an entirely different industry. Scour the web for concrete sources and analyze several pieces of content that have gotten those brands attention, particularly in terms of social media and links. Ask yourself, “what makes this content successful?” Once you’ve dissected it and discovered its secrets, compare it to the content you’re usually putting out and try to apply what you’ve learned to your campaigns.

Look into What Your Audience Cares About

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be much more difficult than you think. Your audience base is what keeps your business running but it’s also made up of a bunch of different people from all walks of life. Study your audience and get to know them. What are they sharing online? What are some particularly hot trends in your industry they’ve been focusing on? Once you peel back a few layers on your audience, you can begin coming up with fresh ideas and opinions that will keep them engaged for the long haul. Keeping a tab on your audience’s interests is tantamount to rolling out successful content marketing campaigns. But remember, not every piece of content has to be an all-star nor will it be. As long as you focus on what keeps your audience engaged and happy, your efforts will gain traction.

Bring in Co-Workers Who Aren’t on the Marketing Team

Insights from those who don’t work with content all day can be quite revealing, to say the least. As mentioned before, audiences are made up of people from all different backgrounds. If you keep your brainstorming sessions strictly within your marketing team, you’re likely missing out on key insights others who work for your company could provide. So, speak with the customer service and sales teams, as well as other teams at your company, and see what questions they want answered and what ideas they have. Not only does this provide fresh insight, but it also allows you to dig deeper into topics that could potentially boost overall resonance with your brand’s following.

The next time you find yourself scratching your head while looking at the content drawing board, try a few of these techniques out. After all, brainstorming isn’t about staring at a blank whiteboard or computer screen and hoping the ideas just strike you. You have to do some serious research and get opinions from those outside of your marketing team. Now, get those brains to work!

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