Strengthening Your Google Business Profile

Google is the world’s go-to search engine, where countless users search for the world’s information day in and day out. Among the most common things that users search for are businesses, and if you own a brand or business in 2023, you may already have a Google Business Profile – also known as Google My Business. If you’re trying to gain exposure online, establishing a Google Business Profile is one of the best things that you can do to attract users – and thus – potential customers. In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring ways that you can strengthen your Google Business Profile to achieve its highest potential. Keep reading below for more information, or contact us at Boston Web Marketing to help your business achieve higher search rankings!

Adding Photos to Your Profile

In most cases, when users look at any business location, they like to have some type of visual understanding of what it looks like. This can include (but is not limited to) offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, showrooms, retail stores, and many more types of businesses. Whether or not your business falls among the categories mentioned, providing images on your Google Business Profile is always ideal in any case. You don’t want your potential customers scratching their heads as to what your business looks like.

Uploading photos can be easily done through Google Business Profile and can include anything from pictures of your business location to your staff, the work you’ve done, etc.

Keeping the Public Updated With Posts

In a similar way to Facebook, Twitter, or other popular social media platforms, Google Business Profile has posting capabilities, where you can keep those who see your profile up-to-date with any relevant information related to your business. This can especially be helpful with shorter-notice announcements such as closings or other important updates. For example, if you were a business closed for Memorial Day, your Google Business Profile would be a great place to notify your patrons of this. GBP also allows you to post pictures and various links, which you can use to guide users to your website. This neat, relatively overlooked feature is a great way to keep the public in-the-know about what’s going on with your business – consider giving it a shot!

Work With Boston Web, a Google Premier Partner

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