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With growing popularity of various social media outlets it is now more important than ever to make sure your business is connected socially. Once you have created your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest accounts the first step is to optimize and fill out each profile completely.  Once you have optimized and have become familiar with using each outlet, you can take things a step further and by connecting all of your social media accounts. By streamlining your social media accounts you will save time by not having to login to each account and post separately. This will help further increase awareness about your company socially and since Google uses social media for as part of their search engine algorithm it is more important than ever to stay active socially. Here are few ways you can save time and streamline your social media accounts.

Connect your Facebook to post to Twitter

Go to – install the app and link it to your Facebook business page and authorize the settings within twitter

Connect your Twitter to post to Facebook

  • While you are logged into your twitter account, go to your settings
  • Click the Profile on the left
  • Select Post your Tweets to Facebook and sign into Facebook
  • Allow the app permission requests
  • Back inside your twitter profile settings uncheck “my Facebook profile”
  • Select “my Facebook page” and choose the page where you want to post your tweets
  • Click “Save Changes”

Add a YouTube tab to your Facebook Page

  • Search for the app YouTube for Pages.
  • Install the app and choose the Facebook Business page you want to add the application to.
  • Add your company name and phone number and agree to the terms
  • Insert your YouTube username (

Connect YouTube to Twitter

  • Login to your YouTube account and go to your account settings
  • In the account settings select “Sharing”
  • Next to Twitter click connect
  • Authorize the Application in the pop-up window that appears

Tweet your pins to Twitter

  • Sign up for Pinterest with Twitter (not Facebook)
  • When you “pin” something make sure the “Twitter Box” is selected before you pin

Post pin to Facebook

  • After you add you pin and tweet it select “Share on Facebook”
  • Select Share “On your page”
  • Choose the page where you want to share and click “Share Link”


Add a Google Plus Tab to your Facebook Page

  • On Facebook search for “Google Plus Tab for Pages”
  • Click on the app and then select Go to App
  • Allow the app to manage your pages
  • Select the Page where you want to add a Google Plus Tab and Install the tab
  • On the Business page click on the tab and then select Configure
  • Enter your Google+ Profile ID and choose the number of activities to show
  • Click “Change”

Add Social Media Links to your Google Plus Profile

  • When logged into your Google Account go to your Google Plus Business Page
  • Click edit profile at the top of the page
  • Select the “About” tab and click on “Links”
  • Add links to:
  • YouTube Channel
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Pinterest Account

By Jeffrey Pucko

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