Strategizing for Your Social Marketing Efforts on LinkedIn

For B2B companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand, LinkedIn is an effective tool for their social marketing strategy. In the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report, it was found that LinkedIn is the third most used social media channel for business owners, with 62% of business owners reporting that they actively use it. If your business is just starting out on LinkedIn, or you would like to gain more traction for your company, here are some beneficial tactics to using this valuable business tool.
Building Your Network
The first strategy is to build your network of connections, but before you go connecting with other people, you want to make sure your profile is set up for success:
• Keep your basic info updated
• Only use professional photos
• Write an impressive, easy to read summary
• Check for typos
• Use keywords in your headline, summary, and profile
• Use a visually appealing background photo
Next, you will want to create quality connections with people you already know and people you want to know. Stay away form connecting with random people just for the sake of increasing connections. The key here is “quality.”
Building quality connections is important because of how simple LinkedIn’s search algorithm is. When one of your connections likes one of your updates, their connections will be able to see it in their news feed. The more connections you have, the more likely it is that they will “like” your updates, therefore increasing your reach.
Post Quality Updates More Often
The next tactic is to post quality content more often. This could mean posting 1-3 times a day! But how do you know what quality content will do well on LinkedIn? One effective way of determining that, is to analyze the data behind your Twitter posts. Using Twitter analytics, see which posts get the most clicks, replies, retweets, & likes, and post those to LinkedIn. The same content that performed well on Twitter, is very likely to see success on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Publishing
The last tactic is to write an article or blog on LinkedIn, which can garner a few thousand views by being featured in one of LinkedIn’s Pulse Channels. Since LinkedIn categorizes your content based on analyzing the text of your article, your article needs to include relevant keywords to show up organically in one of the Pulse channels. To help reach the top of the blog list, take to your other social media channels to promote a link to your LinkedIn article. You can also tweet @LinkedInPulse and ask them to feature your blog or article.

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