What Are Effective Strategies To Build Brand Authority Through Social Media?

Brand authority is like a holy grail for businesses but can be hard to define. We think building brand authority can be implemented through social media and your website. At Boston Web Marketing, we’ve helped many clients grow their brand presence by first understanding what brand authority means for them in their specific industry and then creating plans to achieve those goals. This shows that one-size-fits-all solutions won’t work. However, there are general strategies that work for most brands wanting to grow their presence, and we’ve listed the most effective ones below in this FAQ.

Creating A Variety Of Content

We recommended creating quality content for all of your digital channels. Using the same assets but switching up some visuals is great for a campaign. Social media users want to see high-quality, interactive content on their feeds. This creates a loyal audience that will want to keep coming back. There are many ways to deliver your content, including photos, graphics, podcasts, emails, and short and long-form content. When brainstorming ideas, you want to think long-term with your content. This will increase your brand awareness and authority.

Importance Of Authenticity In Brand Voice

When posting online, you want to show vulnerability and your true self through your brand’s voice. You want to show that your products and services are valuable to the consumer. This also means putting out interesting and engaging content. This will create a positive conversation and leave a lasting impression.

Research Your Potential Networks

To build brand authority on social media, focus on the platforms that best suit your industry and audience. Trying to be active everywhere can dilute your efforts unless you have a large social media team. For instance, B2B companies might prioritize LinkedIn over Instagram, while B2C companies might do the opposite. Choose platforms where your target audience is most active and where you can consistently post quality content. Also, claim your company name on all social media channels, even if you don’t use them immediately, to make sure of consistent branding as your company grows.

Develop Your Visual Branding Strategies

Consistency in visual branding across your social media platforms is crucial. Once you’ve established yourself as an authoritative voice, you should look for instant recognition across all channels. We also want you to have visual coherence by using a consistent color palette and logo. Creating templates for your team can help maintain this consistency, including layouts for text and graphics in your chosen fonts and colors.

Create Your Brand Authority With Boston Web Marketing Professionals

Building a brand involves many components that may be beyond your knowledge. If you’re seeking a branding agency, consider Boston Web Marketing. We excel in crafting, promoting, and sustaining brands through social media, SEO, and website design. With over 15 years of experience, Boston Web Marketing has established itself as a top marketing agency in New England and all over the United States. Reach out to us today by calling 857-526-0096 or filling out our contact form.

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