Strategies for Re-Sharing Content for a Larger Reach

Sharing content isn’t a one and done thing – in order to continuously reach your followers and potential followers as well as drive traffic to your website, content should be shared and re-shared. Plus, you’ve worked hard to create the content you are sharing, so why only share it once? Social media is always changing and even if someone has seen the content you’ve already shared, you’re still reaching someone new each time you share it and sharing that evergreen content should be part of your social media strategy.

Give Old Content Fresh Eyes

Chances are, the content you are producing now looks way different than the content you were producing last year, five years ago, or even six months ago. Before re-sharing this content, look at it with fresh eyes. Update the photos and graphics, optimize the meta descriptions, and even re-format it. Adding new content into older posts also allows you to make it more up to date and prevalent to whatever year or month it might be. If there are any links within the content you are refreshing, be sure to make sure they are not broken, and if they are replace them with relevant links to content you’ve shared more recently.

Repackage Your Posts

Each time you re-share your content, be sure to word each post a little differently. Different users are going to react to different types of posts, so keeping that in mind when you’re sharing can be a game changer. Think about all of the posts that you’ve had the most engagement on and see what works for YOU and your business. What’s your sweet spot? Even when you are refreshing your content, it’s important to add in fresh content to attract new readers (& even old ones!).

Automate Your Posts

Manually re-sharing your content each and every day can be extremely time consuming. By automating your posts and scheduling them out in advance, you are saving time that can be put back into interacting with your followers as well as keeping your posting consistent. By taking advance of scheduling tools, you’re even able to share more of that evergreen content you have worked so hard to produce.

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