Stop Posting Like a Robot

Most businesses that have social media use it as a means to generate traffic to their website. Users will typically come across the business’s social media profile to gain more information about the services since it popped up on their newsfeed.
When you’re posting to social media to promote your business and provide more content, it definitely puts your business’s name out there more, but are you actually engaging with your following?
While developing a social media strategy to capture new users and engage with patrons may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.  A few key steps to remember include:
Stop acting like a robot: Users started following your page because they enjoy the content that you post.  Auto-posting to social media saves a ton of time when you have other projects that you’re dedicated to, but don’t forget that you should regularly visit your profiles to monitor user engagement such as comments, questions, or reviews.
Provide relevant content: The best way to attract a solid following is to provide content that users enjoy. Your content should also be timely and relevant to not only your industry, but also to certain times of the year. When it comes to deciding what kind of content to post, review the content on your profiles that received the most engagement and use that research as a way to revamp your social media strategy.
Build the connection: Social media is meant for networking and engaging, so don’t rely on just posting to get your name out there.  Be sure to continuously connect with users who frequent your profiles and seem to consistently engage with your posts.
Measure your engagement success: Be sure to actively check your social media insights to get a grasp on the type of content your following engages with the most and revamp your social media strategy according to the most-liked content.


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