How Can I Make Stock Images Stand Out on Your Social Media?

Over the past few years, many industry-related statistics have shown that images and videos significantly increase user engagement on social media. However, the seeming lack of quality stock images prevents some business accounts from nailing a visual strategy and standing out from the competition. Follow our guide on how to use stock images and take your social media game to a new level.


Social Platform

When writing content, we always think about our target audience, but when choosing an image to go with it, we should prioritize the medium. Also, think about different types and formats of images being used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Look at the competition in the industry and compare how they edit and upload their images.


Find Free Images

It’s essential for a social media manager to understand the different copyright licenses. Everyday people get sued for violating the intellectual property laws, so make sure you follow the guidelines. If you don’t want to commit to a paid stock image database, look out for websites with images under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence.


Be Creative

Remember, images are used to add relevance and value to the written content. There are many different ways to get creative with your choice. Think about the topic of your blog post or social media post as well as the keywords that come to mind. Then, come up with a list of all the visual associations you can think of. Search for each individual association and the combination of keywords as well. Crop or resize your image to fit the placement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Edit the image as needed, overlay with a filter, a frame, company logo, text, etc. and your image will surely stand out.

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