Steps to Take After Your Website Has Been Hacked

Unfortunately, the hacking of your WordPress website is inevitable for business owners. In the event that your website does get hacked, we have some steps you should take after the fact! In most cases, some of these steps can even be done before.

  1. Once your website has been hacked, the first thing you should do is understand how it happened. There are various way that it can happen. It could be anything from bad maintenance or certain plugins. Here are a few hints that your website may have been hacked:
    • Your website is blacklisted by Google
    • Users see the alert, “This site may be hacked” in search results
    • Your website has been disabled by your hosting company
    • You’re receiving odd errors or your website isn’t operating correctly

Knowing the signs of a hacked website will you help you in the future if you suspect yours has been compromised.

  1. The following are the next steps you should take:
    • Create new security keys in your wp-config.php file.
    • Change all of your website passwords and make them unique. Use a combination of numbers, special characters and upper and lowercase letters.
    • After you’ve been hacked, replace all of your website’s WordPress files in FTP.
    • You’ll also want to reinstall your plugins in the event that there is any harmful coding on them.

3. Make sure to keep your website up to date with the most recent version of WordPress files and plugins.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking the steps to restore your website after it’s been hacked, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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