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Every SEO specialist knows that there is nothing more important than having easy-to-read, readily available contact information on a site – but asking customers to send their questions or concerns to a non-site-specific .com address can make business owners look unprofessional.

Although small business owners have traditionally faced difficult obstacles when trying to set up a low cost, domain-based e-mail system, new cloud-based e-mail servers are making it easier than ever before to switch over to a simple “” e-mail address.

Google Apps for Business is a great resource for owners of both large and small companies, and the site’s personalized GMAIL application can be used by anyone who owns a domain name for a low monthly fee. Perks included in the $5 per month – per user fee charged by Google include a custom e-mail address with drive storage, video chat capability, a shared calendar tool, document editing tool and a 99% uptime guarantee.

Mail is delivered via the same easy-to-use interface as standard GMAIL accounts, which are already used by around 60 percent of consumers according to a report issued by AYTM Market Research – so switching over to a GMAIL based office mailing system is often easier than switching to other cloud servers. Users enjoy 24/7 customer support and 15 GB of storage, and office administrators are given full access to accounts for monitoring and record-keeping purposes.

Google estimates that businesses can improve productivity by 2.8x using its GMAIL & APPS packages – noting that e-mail, documents and calendars on the Google server can be accessed by any computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access. Site owners can check out how much they’ll save at Google’s “Gone Google” site or by contacting Google’s customer service department directly.

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