Stay Away from These SEO Tactics

Not all SEO strategies are created to be fair, in fact, there are many that are immoral and deemed as a violation of SEO practices. These immoral SEO practices are also referred to as black hat SEO tactics. People use these black hat tactics in an attempt to take advantage of the SEO system by breaking the guidelines that have been put in place. Breaking these guidelines can lead to enormous penalties on your website that can severely hurt your SEO. Below are examples of some of the tactics to stay away from to keep your SEO in good standing.

Duplicating Content

One of the most important aspects of SEO is creating new content for your website that is unique and useful for others. Creating content can take up a lot of time and effort, sometimes you can get stumped and run out of ideas. Instead of waiting for an idea to hit them, some people would rather choose the unethical path of duplicating content. This means the person is either duplicating the content of others (plagiarized content) or duplicating their own content from other web pages.

Regardless of where you get the content it is still duplicated and search engines will pick that up. If a search engine sees you are using duplicate content then it will penalize the overall SEO of your website. The search engine will also not display that webpage to people because it deems it as not important if it is duplicated. 

Artificially Generated Content

A newer strategy you should avoid is using artificial intelligence to create content for your website. Whilst it may seem smart or harmless, search engines are constantly evolving and can now detect when content is artificially generated. If content is detected to be generated by artificial intelligence then the search engine will give you a penalty and may decide to not show your webpage in the search results. Search engines are built to give people the best solutions to their questions and to be helpful in general. Using artificial intelligence for content will usually be poorly written and will not help anyone besides the SEO of a webpage. Hence, it is now more penalized by search engine algorithms. 

Link Spamming

Search engines like when other websites organically include a link back to your website. The key term here is organically. Search engines will not boost your SEO if they suspect you of buying or spamming links. Many people take their website links and try to spam them in forums, directories, comments, and much more. Instead of helping your website, these links can begin to do the opposite if search engines decide to penalize you. Backlinks are meant to be used for other websites to verify the trust and authority of your website. If you go and spam them in numerous areas, especially on untrustworthy sites then things can spiral quickly.

Follow the Correct SEO Strategies

Sometimes learning a new skill like SEO can be challenging for most or just overall time-consuming. The best way to get quality content and SEO help is by trusting in a team like Boston Web Marketing. They have a professional team of SEO specialists ready to help you and supply you with the best content to help produce results.

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