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In today’s day and age, local Search Engine Optimization has been a priority for successful businesses and Google tracks that more than 20% of their users search for local businesses.  Multiply that percentage by two for mobile devices where local searches are showing up all over the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs).  The SERPs are now equipped with new options for exposure for your business.  For example, videos, images, notes/comments and local listings help you get noticed in places your potential customers are looking.

A new trend has been found using the “eye tracking data” tool:  Google users are becoming more attracted to Google Places listings as opposed to normal listings.  So what does that mean for you the business owner?  Get a Google Places page.  The more listing sites and directories your business is on consistently, the higher your rankings will be.  And what’s great about Google Places is that you can really customize your page to cater to your consumer base.  With pictures and videos specific to your business, your potential customers can get a better feel of the type of services you offer.

As mentioned before, there’s an importance in having pages on local directories.  Customers don’t only use search engines to find your business.  There are hundreds of local listings and directories on the internet, so the more you’re on the more it helps your SEO.  Some of these sites are: Insider Pages, Judy’s Book, Merchant Circle, Yelp, City Search, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local and the list goes on.

Another tip for you is to research your competition.  You want to see what sites they’re listed on, if their information is accurate, and what else you could do to outshine their listing pages. For example, adding more information on your services and pricing.  Also a factor that is growing by the day is having a strong social media presence.  Google sees this as a plus in your SEO, so it would only help to get Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, accounts as well as using the rest of rest of the social websites.  These social sites help create an online conversation about your business and helps build awareness of your services.

These quick facts can help any business owner get their start in the Search Engine Optimization arena.  It’s like building a house; you need a strong foundation to start.  And SEO work is one of the new ways to lay the foundation to a successful business in the Internet Age.


– George Freeman

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