Standard Practices vs Personalized SEO Strategies

If your website has a contact form and you have done any work on your SEO, you probably get a few robotic emails a month. These emails promise more business by increasing your traffic, providing SEO, buying links, and more. Some emails are even written with mad libs style fill in the blank fields to make them seem personal. “Hello <insert name here> I have been looking at <insert website here> and I love your product/service but are you getting enough web traffic?” Now, you probably never respond to these, partially because it clearly sounds like a scam. But you may notice some trends. Each of these emails usually points out the same SEO-sounding keywords: increase traffic, more conversions, content, metadata, and links. These keywords are all part of the standard practices that every SEO agency provides, but should your SEO strategy be standardized?

The Problem With One Size Fits All SEO

A big issue in the SEO industry is the over-reliance on one size fits all methods of optimization. There are some strategies that every company should employ. Whenever a new website begins optimizing its digital presence there is a foundation that needs to be built. Building listings, getting an SSL certificate, adding page titles, alt text, & meta descriptions, and most of the recommendations an SEO company will make in the first month are valid. But beyond the first six months, some websites can end up in a rut of creating content and getting new links. Standard SEO practices definitely work, but not as well as individualized strategies. But the real reason so many companies lean on these standard practices is because of the clients’ expectations. Trying new things can be riskier and requires an open line of communication between both the agency and the client. But for the best SEO results over time, this communication is necessary.

The Importance of Personalized SEO Strategies

As mentioned above, the SEO standard practices have their merits and in the first six months, they are absolutely necessary to create a foundation in terms of digital presence. But after that, the standard practices can begin to create a plateau in traffic or conversions. The reason is, every company offers different services and products and needs a different approach to SEO. Many companies greatly benefit from the addition of service area pages. But these pages are most valuable for companies that do not have centralized locations. Other companies can successfully do remarketing through email newsletters, but unless the content is relevant to the consumers it will not be successful. Regardless of what service is recommended, it needs to be recommended for relevancy. But not all companies do this because it requires time to be allocated for research. Instead of focusing on standard practices, a decent amount of time needs to be utilized on researching digital competitors and testing suggestions.

Learn More About Personalized Strategies

There are many different custom-tailored services that improve digital presence. That is why we recommend getting a free website audit from Boston Web Marketing. Our team employs standard practices to build a foundation and also recommends unique updates and improvements. Learn what works best for your website based on your unique services, competition, and existing web presence from Boston Web Marketing.

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