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First created in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita, emojis have become one of the most popular ways to express oneself without using words. People of all ages and backgrounds use emoji as part of their digital vocabulary, sending a single emoji through text to convey an entire message. Even companies like Domino’s Pizza & Coca Cola have recognized emoji as an effective marketing tool.

Domino’s customers who have a pizza profile and an easy order setup, can simply text the pizza emoji to Domino’s, and their order will be placed. Other instances include Kim Kardashians “Kimoji” keyboard and Ikea’s branded emoji keyboard, which includes a plate of Swedish meatballs.

Domain Registration
Picking out the right domain name has always been competitive because some domain names work better than others. The longer you wait the more likely it is your chosen URL will have already been taken.

Since the launch of emoji, they have been available to register in domain names, but the process has been difficult. To register a domain name with emoji, users had to use a method called puny-coding, where emoji are translated to text. This allowed search engines to recognize the emoji as normal text to take users to a website.

Now GoDaddy has simplified the process by creating a page where users can register emoji domain names easily. Their chosen register page, https://❤❤❤.ws/, translates to because computers can only recognize numerical text. Emoji domains are even Google compatible!

Google removed emoji domains from search results a while back because they looked spammy, but with mobile internet usage accounting for over 60% of traffic, it is likely that they will start appearing higher in the SERP sooner than later.

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