Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website

The spring is a great time to take a look around and declutter, clean out things you no longer need, and polish off the surfaces. While much of this can apply to household tasks, your website is no exception! Every website can use a refresher once in a while, and what better time to do it? Use this time to do a deep-dive into your website, and ensure everything’s working properly and looking up to par. Here are 4 steps to follow to get you on the right track!

Software & Plugin Updates

It’s easy to ignore these update notifications when you see them every day, but they may be even more important than you realize. Take the time to update to the newest versions of all the plugins that you’re currently using on your website. If you have any inactive plugins, this is a good time to clean up and get rid of them! Too many plugins can slow your site down. Addressing any software updates regularly is also crucial to protect you from any security vulnerabilities. These updates typically don’t take too long but can save you big in the end.

Use Google Analytics to Identify Issues

Google Analytics is a highly useful tool for many reasons, and one of them is helping to identify potential issues on your site. Take a look at what pages have abnormally high rates, which pages aren’t converting well, determine how long users are spending on your site and if they’re clicking around to several pages, and more. Google Analytics provides a wide variety of data from user location, to which device they’re using, how many pages/session users are viewing, average session duration, acquisition, and much more. Use these tools to your advantage to update some pages on your site that could use some TLC!

Check for Broken Links

There’s nothing worse than navigating through a website, finding a page that you think might be interesting, and clicking on it to get the dreaded “404 error.” Don’t let this happen on your website! (and lose potential leads). Google Search Console is a useful tool to identify 404 errors and other usability errors. Although you should already be checking this regularly for broken links, there’s no better time to start than now!

Do a Content Audit

Chances are, you’ve seen the content on your own website a thousand times, that your eyes just glaze over it at this point. However, to someone viewing your site for the first time, the content is a crucial component! During your spring cleaning, pay close attention to your content, doing proofreading as you go and making necessary updates to content that may include outdated information such as old events, hours, or services you no longer offer. Doing an audit will also help to show you which types of content your users are engaging with, what types of content are well covered on your site, and determine some good topic ideas for the future. You also may find some that are worthy of repurposing into an additional piece of content.

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