Some Useful Search Tools Everyone Can Use

This post is about some useful search tools anyone could use for everyday use.  You want to check the info and data on each tool to see if it  would be best suited for you and your business.  Here’s a list of some that I use for my customers:

Stats Counter

The tool I constantly use is StatsCounter, there’s information on the market shares for each search engine, different browsers, social media sites, and mobile browsers, operating systems and more. It’s always good to compare multiple sources of data; this is always a good start.

Google Trends and Insights

Google’s tools for finding out trends are the Insights and Trends sites. Both sites offer a good way to see search trends over time by regionally ran comparisons. The Trends site will also show data for five URLs, if they have received enough viewer traffic to register on their. It also analyzes by seasons, they can be used to look at causes of trends and their effects.

Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

The DoubleClick Ad Planner lets you refine your advertising online and is a free tool to plan your media outreach. It allows you to recognize a website your intended audience may visit. It identifies audiences by their interests and demographics, looks for websites that are appealing to your target customers and see page views, unique users and other statistics.  It also lets you plan a media marketing plan for you potential clients, by advertising on sites they like and compile statistics from that plan.

Google AdWords

The best source of keyword data is Google’s Keyword Tool. Data can be viewed at different levels, like national, mobile search statistics split off separately. Other tools that are useful in AdWords are the contextual and placement tools available: The placement tool, based on your URLs, keyword to suggest websites within the Google Display Network to place your advertisements on them. The contextual tool is predicated on the keywords you use, suggesting further keywords to add to any of your Google Display Network ad campaigns.

–          George Freeman

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