Socialnomics 2014

5 years ago in 2009, Author Erik Qualman started the popular “Socialnomics” video series. For the past 5 years he has posted a video showing shocking statistics surrounding the shift towards social media and an online world. This year he presents his 5th installment of the video series with some more statistics that make us think about the way we are representing our brand online.

This year’s video includes some data that is interesting. A surprising Google search fact is included which states that over 20% of the search terms Googled every day have never been searched before. That means that with an average 6 trillion searches per day (in 2013) that over 120 million searches are brand new terms to Google.

In regards to social media, LinkedIn is growing at an average 2 users per second. That is 172,800 a day. On Twitter, seniors are the fastest growing demographic and a little over half of the tweets in a day have some sort of product recommendation in them. of those making buying decisions, 93% are influenced by social media. Recommendations from peers greatly outweigh advertisements in trust.

Watch below for yourself and check out even more statistics about our ever changing global marketplace.


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