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With normal SEO procedures, a new company would have no chance at ranking for really competitive keywords. The other companies/sites have been in business for longer periods of time; it would be hard to leap them in their SERP (search engine result page) ranking without years of advertising and campaigning. Social SEO makes it accessible for smaller businesses to compete with the bigger and more established ones. A Facebook post that receives a viral-size number of re-posts can mean as much as a link from a high ranking website and a +1 (Google Plus) from a colleague can send your site to the top of the social SERPs for that person’s whole network.  If it isn’t by now, social media should be a part of your business’ strategy to survive in the Facebook/Twitter Age.  So capitalize on something that is very manageable and resourceful for business owners now or get pushed by the way side.  The steps in this post should help you get started on your social media presence.

  1. Step Up your Google+ Network:

Google made Google+ to compete with Facebook and Twitter, but if you don’t have an account by now it’s probably hurting your search results.  This is because Google looks at this as a plus for the business socially but more so in search results.  Google+ posts are now showing up in search results and the more +1’s you have the bigger effect it will have on your ranking in your specific industry.

  1. Start to Focus on Growing your Fan Base and Relationship Building:

Now whatever you post about or share can now show up in your followers’ search results. Even if they’re not in the social site you posted the link on. The relationships we build online now have an impact on what’s in our search results.  And with every new follower you get may now see your business’ site in their SERPs in the future, so it’s in your business’ best interest to step up your follower numbers. For example do contests where people have to be a follower of yours to receive a prize/discount/benefit.

  1. Post Your Articles/Events ASAP Online:

For example if you “tweet” (twitter) your content, it actually helps you get indexed faster by Google. Especially if you have something that is time sensitive this will help you get the message out to the people that would be interested quicker.

  1. Concentrate on Shareable Material:

Social sharing has always worked in a SEO’s corner by giving us support similar to direct inbound links. So now shares have another benefit for your business. For example if someone shares your content even though they may not be on the same social media platform, that sharer’s entire network may see the post by searching for relevant content in Google’s Social Search.

  1. Add Google+ Buttons To As Many Things as Possible:

Google has made you to be able to “like” everything like you were on Facebook now online.  Wherever your site is, add the +1 button to see your ratings rise.


–    George Freeman

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