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Social Public Relations Secrets For Your Website

A brand’s website should be their hero when it comes to return-on-investment. Unfortunately, in some cases, websites can end up being a public relations liability. One of the more critical parts in marketing is a company’s website. The digital entrance and face of your company online, represents a brand’s professionalism, personality, vision and business proposition. As critical and important that a website is to a brand, many companies continue to overlook this aspect of their business.

  1. The first question you should ask yourself is, “what do I want to gain from my website?”. Depending on the brand and website, your goals could be, contact forms submissions, new website visits, phone calls, or something else. When your website/blog is being managed to deliver these specific goals that you have identified, your site will directly become an asset rather than an expense.
  2. Every page on your website is important and deserves attention. Due to search engines, there is a very good chance that your home page won’t be the landing page for a user. The overall design and content on your website will affect how your website appears in search results, and it directly helps increase conversions.
  3. Have you seen what your website looks like on a mobile phone? We hope so! If your website isn’t mobile friendly, this could become a Public Relations crisis called “unnecessary lost visibility”. A poorly designed mobile site is something you certainly don’t want to represent.
  4. A geographical location needs to be incorporated into your website on some level. Without an address or location identity, your website virtually competes with sites all across the globe. Here are a few mistakes your brand needs to avoid when looking to improve social and search visibility. A) The company’s contact information is listed on the homepage in an image rather then html text. B) Missing contact information in the footer. C) Not including location keywords within any content of the website D)Forgetting to create and claim your Google Plus listing.
  5. In today’s world, public relations is on both your website and blog. All of your press releases, press kits, social platforms and images should be headquartered within an online newsroom. This localized “newsroom”, offers a great way to deliver news 24 hours a day to both visitors to your website and journalists.

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