Social Media Use Still on the Rise in 2013

In case there was any doubt that social media remains a powerful marketing tool, here are some numbers that may inspire you to get your business more active online.  According to the Pew Research Center,  72% of adults online are on social networks.  Even more interesting is the fact that 42% of those folks use two or more social networks and their usage continues to grow.  Here are some figures on the increase in 2013 over 2012:

Facebook:  +5%

Pinterest:  +6%

Twitter:     +2%

LinkedIn:  +2%

Instagram: +4%

Of course, Facebook still leads the pack with the most users, but some of these other networks have seen surges in both users and popularity,  Pinterest, for example, continues its winning streak among women with a 4:1 ratio of female over male users.  Some more interesting demographic data that may help you to target your audience:  LinkedIn is most popular among college graduates and more affluent internet users and Twitter and Instagram appeal to younger users, city dwellers, and non-whites.

So, in 2014 remember to continue to invest in social media and think about where to focus your time based upon your target audience.  There is a lot of opportunity to reach people out there.  Happy New Year!

By Donald MacMelville


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