Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Social media has become an integral part of the world we live in. Many companies use it to their advantage and take part in it due to the large volume of users and interactions that coincide. Unfortunately, it seems every year the most popular social media platforms are a step ahead of us and develop new and better ways for its users to communicate and stay amused. Here are some of the trends to look out for in 2019 that can help your business:

Social Listening

Social listening is not a new feature but has begun to be used in different ways. In the past, it was used to monitor your brand and see how many people were mentioning you or your company. Now you can use it to track things like SEO and customer care. Why you may ask? Although the tool itself hasn’t entirely changed, it has advanced in its capability to track different sources of data. It also is cheaper than it was before allowing small and medium-sized organizations to get the same benefits that large corporations had before.

Social Media Buying

Another relatively common functionality that has yet to become as popular as people believe is social media buying. Social media buying is already known about on Facebook as users can purchase items through the “shop” section. The idea here is that Facebook has paved the way for other apps like Instagram, who reportedly is working on an e-commerce app, and Twitter to follow in their footsteps. The world of social media is largely known for their copycat tendencies as we have seen in the past a similar path be taken like with Instagram and Facebook stories.


Years ago, live streaming wasn’t even a thing. Now Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just to name a view, allow you to stream live video to your followers in just a moment’s notice. Companies can use this capability to reveal new products, do promotional giveaways, and make announcements. So, what is so special about watching something on social media? It’s all about interaction. With the live feature dialogue, your followers, fans, and colleagues and chat with you and others at the same making for appealing and authentic conversation.

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