Social Media Spring Cleaning: Optimizing Your Profiles for Better Engagement

Spring is on the horizon, a new season and a new chance to clean out any old material from the winter, starting fresh and clean going into the warmer months. Why not utilize this time where everyone usually cleans out clutter and debris from their homes and also clean out and refresh their companies social media accounts and presence as well! Social media as we know it has an increasingly strong presence in the digital media and marketing landscape and it is only getting bigger as the days and years go on. Social media not only helps your business connect and target your audience, but it also helps build awareness, drive sales, and traffic to your site, all of which help you grow. If you are looking to spring clean and optimize your social media presence, the experts at Boston Web Marketing have come up with our top tips to help you improve your engagement and reach.


How Should I Optimize My Social Media This Spring?


Be Consistent With Branding Across Social Platforms

In terms of the digital marketing landscape, consistency across websites, social media, and print is vital to build a strong presence. When building consistency across social media you will want to make sure your profile picture, cover photo, and username are all consistent, recognizable, and match your brand. Doing so includes using high quality visuals that are straight to the point, memorable, and leave a positive impact on users. Doing so, will allow your audience to engage with your profiles that are associated with your brand.


Create Valuable Quality Content 

While having a well set up profile is important for consistency, you will also want to be able to maintain the production of quality content that is engaging. Content is key to success so make sure you are taking this time of reflection to produce and curate well throughout digital materials for your social media. This content can include promotional, infographics, new images, and news. Having these quality visuals will invoke a response in the viewers mind to like, comment, and interact with the posts, driving up your engagement stats.


Use Call To Actions In Your Captions Or Posts

Calls-to-action are fantastic ways to get your audience to engage and interact with your posts and content. When you ask your followers or audience a question or ask them to respond or visit somewhere else, you are boosting your engagement and converting your audience into leads, driving up business. 


Post At High-Engagement Times

When posting your new content and visuals online you will want to schedule them out for the time where your audience is the most active. These times will vary from platform to platform. However, the best way to test out the best time is by varying your posting schedule and measuring the effectiveness of each time.


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