How to Recover From a Social Media Mishap

Many businesses use social media as an opportunity to reach their target audience on a personal level. Their posts can be interactive and get their audience involved with the brand. The benefit of social media is that it gives everyone a chance to have their voice heard; but this also means there’s a very high risk of error.

Social media mistakes happen every day. With over 2 billion active social media users, there is an extremely high risk factor. You never know when a tweet or Facebook post could start a controversial argument and damage your brand’s image. A big part of social media management is knowing how to deal with these mishaps.

Take Responsibility & Respond Quickly

Owning up and taking full responsibility for your social media mistakes is the best way to recover from them. The way you react to mistakes says a lot more about your brand than the crisis itself. A social media crisis doesn’t define your brand, the way you handle it does.

Monitor & Track Social Media

By monitoring your social media platforms, you can track potential crises early on and approach them before they get too out of hand. Sign up for real-time alerts to receive an email every time your handle is mentioned on social media channels. This will help to track issues early on and deal with them before too many people see them.

Keep Moving Forward

Once your social media mishap is under control, discuss with your employees about what topics to stay away from posting on in the future. Be sure to share post ideas with multiple people before posting in order to come up with any potential negative interpretations that may come from them.

Remember social media is a constant stream of updates and fresh content, don’t let one mishap define your brand!

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