Social Media: Quality vs. Quantity | SEO Boston

Social Media: Quality vs. Quantity | SEO Boston

We are all familiar with the social media world, especially for our own personal use and connections to our family and friends.  It is often fast and with ease that our network of people we know and follow in these outlets grows.  However, this can be a bit more challenging for a startup company or a business that is unfamiliar with the true extent of social media’s popularity, but wants to embark on this online journey.

One important concept, at even the most basic level, is quality vs. quantity.  What is more important: the value and potential benefit that each person has to you/your company, or just getting as many people as you can to follow you?  As seen in the article, and in my opinion as well, the first option can be much more promising.

When joining a social media outlet, Twitter for example, it is important to make connections with advocates; people who are of quality and will engage with you and have true interest in your content and what you have to offer.  If you just spend your time searching for anyone and everyone to follow you, yes, you might have a larger community built up, but have you created a stable foundation?  Are these people interested in what you’re promoting and will they bring you more potential clients and business? It is probably less likely.  Instead, when you are developing your social media identity, make your community one that is the most promising for further connections and opportunities.  Target valuable audiences: ones that can help you expand and also ones that you can help in return (don’t be greedy!).

Though you might be discouraged by the size of your social community at first, it is important to remember the overall goal: more interest and more business.  Spend your time and efforts on those who have or could have the desire to pursue your services, and also make your company one that appears approachable and personable.   There is always the opportunity for growth within your social media outlets, you just need to utilize them in the way that creates the successful optimization.

– Casey Guntlow

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