What Social Media Platforms Should My Business Be On?

Did you just start a new business and are looking to grow your online presence? Social media is a perfect place to start. With so many different platforms and services these applications offer, the options are endless when it comes to growing your following. Many social media agencies can help guide you in the right direction as to which platforms your business should be on, but this blog should also be a great starting point. All social media platforms are built differently and have different uses. In this FAQ, we will explore some different social media platforms your new small business should be using and why. 

Facebook For Small Businesses

Facebook, part of the Meta family, is the most used social media platform. Its format and purpose are perfect for businesses. Finding your target audience on Facebook is easy and many businesses find success on this platform. Their customized and targeted ads, suited for small businesses and large corporations, are shown to expand brand awareness and generate new leads. You want unique content on Facebook because there is a lot of competition on this platform. Planning your content and finding your target audience will be crucial for success on Facebook.

Instagram Social Media Platform

Another Meta member, Instagram, is the third biggest social media platform. This simple form of social media was created for visual communication. Some of the top uses of Instagram are for influencers and e-commerce content. Creating that organic content will be so important for the success of your account. The use of hashtags is one of the main features that can increase your brand awareness and grow that loyal following. Some of the newer features, like stories, tagging, reels, live streams, and shops, make it so easy for small businesses to grow and promote their products or services.

Google My Business Updates

An overlooked platform, Google My Business Profile, is another great platform for your small business. While there are no likes and comments, this will show up on Google on your profile. Posting updates on there is a great way to optimize your search engine optimization. Google My Business is on many social media scheduling platforms, making it easy to post there. There are also customizable buttons that are easy to call to actions.

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