Social Media Marketing: SEO vs. PPC

A recent study which included over 3,800 social media marketers found that those in the social media marketing field are much more likely to incorporate SEO into their efforts rather than PPC (pay per click) advertising.  While neither of these options were the number one choice as an additional marketing application (email being the top pick with 87%), SEO was in fact the runner up, used by 65% of the participants. PPC, however, stood in sixth place with 38%, a substantial percentage less than its SEO opponent.

While social media marketers are obviously most invested time and effort-wise in building presence within the various social networks, those who are looking for more online exposure (such as business owners) can benefit  much more than from simply having Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ profiles.   Establishing and marketing yourself on the internet requires various factors that, when done correctly, can allow your company, brand, etc. to thrive online and against competitors.  One way to accomplish this is through the aforementioned SEO efforts.  Yes, social media has undeniably come to play a huge role in the internet world and our lives in general, but if a social media marketer wants to further their clients’ outreach to others and overall success online, SEO is something that, in my opinion, is crucial.  PPC advertisements can certainly be helpful for increasing your company’s visibility for specific keywords, but SEO efforts allow you to incorporate numerous factors that contribute to your organic search engine results, creating a much stronger foundation for your site and its future page placement.

So, what if you could have the best of both SMM and SEO worlds?  Companies such as Boston Web Marketing strive to bring businesses increased web traffic and search result success by using multiple web marketing methods.  Rather than spending money on PPC advertising as well as hiring a company solely for media marketing, why not invest in a company that can establish a social community, positive reputation and solid organic search results for your business altogether?  For business owners that are unfamiliar with web marketing tactics and how to utilize other efforts such as social media, this is an approach that allows them to cover all important bases in order to not only create a presence online, but expand upon it and generate new clients and opportunities in turn.  Using a company whose goal is to drive traffic to your optimized website not only from search engines, but from other sources as well (in this case, by managing social media pages) will create a business that has stronger outreach and overall online growth potential.

–          Casey Guntlow

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