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 Is your company positioned to maximize the success of social media marketing?  

Search engines have become significantly more dynamic in their understanding of how users search.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing all index and look at social media before returning results to users on each individual search.  Social media marketing is the new way to take your existing SEO strategy to the next level. Social media increases the number and quality of links to your site, driving quality traffic and also allowing people to interact with your company in ways they never could before.

At BWM, we work with you to understand your target market and then our team will analyze your specific industry to determine what social media channels and techniques are the right fit for your business. We prepare a comprehensive marketing analysis for your business and then launch your Social Media Marketing initiatives.

 What Does Social Media Marketing Include?

• Social Media Business Page Creation
• Social Media Campaigns (PPC Campaigns within the Social Sites)
• Social Blogging Campaign
• Blog writing service
• Interactive Site Elements
• Engaging Your Target Audience
• Increasing Fans and Followers
• Building Your Online Assets
• Back Link Commenting
• Video Optimization & Syndication
• Social Bookmarking Campaign

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